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The End of an Affair!

How often have you wondered about the various reasons which contribute for the failure of a marriage? Experts note that two people come together in marriage, they should think beyond their individual demands and start considering themselves as couple. Most often couples do not realize that in order to stay married; they should adjust to those changes which are an inevitable part of marriage. Infidelity, in recent times has been noted as one of the main reasons for marriage break-ups and it causes great pain to partners who often cannot bear the shock of being betrayed.

There are distrusts which will lead to breakdown of marriage. When you are married, you will suddenly find that your expenses have doubled. Rearing a family is no mean task. Couples should learn to bear the financial burden together and there should be a consensus in money spending habits. An extravagant partner can ruin a relationship. There are many who have unrealistic expectations from a marriage. While reading romantic novels, they tend to think that everything in marriage can be equated with a Cinderella story. These idealized visions look good in stories and living happily ever after can only happen in books. If you want your marriage to work, you will have to make adjustments and compromises. You need to care for each other’s needs. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage; the couple has to work to make the marriage perfect. One should always expect good things from a marriage, but in no way the expectations should take the form of unrealistic proportions.