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Choosing a divorce attorney

Choosing an attorney to handle your divorce is a decision that can have lifelong ramifacations and also a decision that can save or lose you thousands of dollars. It is also a decision that can have a huge effect on your peace of mind, both for “better” or for “worse”. One of the most common questions about hiring a divorce attorney is, “How can I determine whether this attorney is competent and an appropriate choice for my situation?”. The following question addresses what is usually the single most important factor in determining which attorney is right for you.

How long has the attorney in question been practicing divorce law in your area?

An attorney who has been doing this type of work in your area for a number of years is more likely to have a reputation to protect, and is also going to be familiar with the courts and judges in your locality. While an experienced attorney may cost more than a new or non-local attorney, it may be money well spent. The extra difficulty and expense incurred by a less experienced or non local attorney as a result of unfamiliarity with local courts and laws may well offset the seemingly more expensive local attorney with a long history of local divorce representation.

Most people have an inherent distrust of all lawyers, and divorce lawyers in particular. By doing a little research, you can maximize the likelihood that you will receive competent representation at an appropriate price.