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Divorce and its Effects on Children

Most of the children dislike hearing the word ‘divorce’, but still most of the children around the world hear this word spoken by their parents. Some parents come right out and inform their children about divorce, if at all most children hear it whispered around the house. Also most children overhear when parents (father or mother) calls to their relatives or friends and know of it.

Divorce will be upsetting the child or children more than the parents, if you wonder here are the different ways it can affect them.
It is the beginning of sadness for the children; they feel a sense of responsibility and are overwhelmed by different questions. How will I live? Whom with I live? How often will I see them (father/mother)?
More than parent’s children grieve after a divorce, but some children forget with their regular life like school, sports, music and friends. Most kids feel difficult to bear it and they need to be supported until they reach a matured level. If not they are properly cared emotions like anger, loneliness, tension, etc starts to develop in them. Anger is the worst emotion that lasts for a longer period and could bring adverse effects, so kids or children of divorced parents must be  cared better than other children.