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Ways to avoid divorce

Divorce a simple word which gives much pain. “Marriages are made in heaven” a wonderful saying.  Just think both marriage and divorce single words having extremely different meanings – marriage binds two hearts and divorce unbinds two hearts.

Binding is difficult but unbinding is very easy. Most of the marriages are ended sadly in divorce. Divorce is not all a good solution for the entire problem instead it escapes the people from their problems. The shocking factor is the family court is having 90% of divorce cases in total. Probably it is increasing every year. This is due to everyone thinks that divorce is the only solution for them. Every couple wants to take steps to avoid divorces.

In this competitive world no one have time to communicate with each other. Also after a child they show their total attention to their child not to their spouse. They are in search of money for their child’s education and wealthy living. Money is important at the same time spend some time with your family also. If you find any problem between you and your spouse try to analyze what is the problem and speak out. Be true to your spouse and consider him/her as your friend and share everything.

Plan some dating which makes you to get together with your family. It makes your kids also happy. It will reduce loneliness and stress. Try to love your spouse and express your love. Give gifts on special occasions especially on their birthday and your wedding day. Enjoy every thing and make them to laugh. It helps your kids to be happy with their parents. You can live happily with your spouse and kids. So understand divorce is not a solution and try to overcome that. Avoiding divorce is not a very big deal try to work out and live happily!