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Life after Divorce

Divorce the horrible experience.  You spend quarter of your life with your parent the remaining part with your spouse. So you love them more and gave your heart and committed with them. If they want to break the contract of love, you will not able to change your mind all of a sudden.At that time you feel helpless and the situation is beyond your control.You can’t pressure them to show love on you. Because love must come from their own your pressure on them won’t give the real love. If they reject your love then there is no need of giving pressure. At that point you are pushed to be divorced.

Divorce is painful.  You feel life a tragedy to face. Get rid of such thinking. “There is a wonderful life waiting for me”- Just think like this. Avoid the feel of loneliness it might pay way to anger and depression. At an extreme level it leads to death. Don’t spend your time on thinking about the rejected and betrayed love. If you have kids earn money for them. Spend your time with friends or dates with the persons whom you like.  Talk to friends.

To overcome the pain of depart you need another relationship in that place to put medicine for that pain. Don’t hesitate to do second marriage if you feel you want that. Ensure that you might feel better in the presence of that person. Think about the future and don’t get panic. Don’t think about what third persons will say. Don’t allow your self- confidence to become low. Try to avoid the things that make you to remind about the past life.


Although it’s tough to overcome the pain you must do it. The total burden of running a family or to look after the kids will fall on your head. Don’t lose your stability and think “I Can” in your mind. Don’t think badly or get panicked about your financial conditions. Money is what you can earn. Work hard to achieve your goals. Increase your confident level and enjoy your new life. Make your spouse to feel that they missed such a wonderful person in their life.