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Do it yourself divorce

Getting a divorce is never pleasant, and rarely easy. It is often the most traumatic, and most expensive experience in the two parties’ lives. Much of the expense associated with getting a divorce constitutes attorney fees. These fees can often run into thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars. In most cases, an attorney is a necessary evil.

The first, and most important consideration that determines whether a do it yourself divorce is a feasible option for you is this: Do both parties agree that it is time to end your marriage, and that the marriage should end as peacefully and harmoniously as possible ? If the answer to this question is a solid “Yes”, then there is a good chance that a do it yourself divorce is worth considering. If the answer to this question is anything but a strong “Yes”, then you probably should seek legal help. If there is any disagreement concerning child custody, division of assets & debts, or any other issues, a do it yourself divorce will probably not result in any savings, because the case will likely end up in the hands of one or more attorneys anyway.

One way to save on legal fees, should a do it yourself divorce not be the answer for you, is  often available from local Legal Aid Society offices or from local legal clinics. Local law schools may have programs that can provide low-cost, or even free  help with simple legal matters.

Be honest with yourself about the nature of your relationship with your spouse, and then decide if you are a good candidate for a do it yourself divorce.