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How Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorney Will Help You After An Accident In A Work Vehicle?

Have you stuck in an accident and wondering who is going to pay for the damage to the company car as well as his/her hospital bills? Albuquerque personal injury attorney is here to help you! So, while driving for work, if you were injured, they will likely be held liable. You should be covered under worker’s compensation, and their insurance will be responsible for damages sustained in the accident. There are exceptions, hire an experienced Albuquerque personal injury attorney will help your employee to get the compensation that they deserve.

When Can Your Employee File A Lawsuit?

There are limitations regarding how long you have to file a lawsuit against a negligent third party, so we recommend hiring a lawyer as soon as possible to learn what your options are who offer free, no-obligation consultations. Plus, if they take your case, they work on a contingency basis.

Workers’ compensation is capped, and it doesn’t cover their suffering and pain. But, if another driver’s negligence caused your car accident, a lawsuit is the right path for you to maximize your compensation. Also, you may be able to get both worker’s compensation benefits and damages from a lawsuit.

So, hire a right personal injury lawyer on your side and file a lawsuit. The lawyers from the leading personal injury law firm in Albuquerque have extensive experience in helping clients get the most compensation possible for their injuries.

What Is the Worker’s Compensation If Injured While Driving?

When the car accident happened, even if you used a company car, in some case, your employee won’t be qualified for worker’s compensation welfares. But, if you were on the regular commute or a personal errand, you will be eligible.  The personal injury attorney in Albuquerque nm will help you solve the complexities of insurance and maximize your worker’s compensation benefits.

Your employee might be eligible for worker’s compensation if they were performing a work-related activity when they were in an accident. But, however, you are not be eligible if,

1.    You were committing a crime

2.    You were running a personal errand

3.    You were on your regular commute


While driving on the job in a company vehicle or own, if you were injured schedule your free consultation with one of the leading personal injury attorney in Albuquerque nm as soon as possible.